Painting tools are an essential part of any professional since they can make the difference between a normal result and an excellent result.


The roller is one of the most basic and practical tools for painting large surfaces. Depending on the type of paint, we will use a long-hair roller (for water-based paint and textured walls), made of foam, synthetic or natural wool, drip, or textured. There are numerous types of rollers, such as special ones for enamels or synthetic varnishes on wood, or those made of rubber or fabrics, which are used to print textures or patterns on surfaces that have been previously painted. As for the dimensions, rollers ranging from 3 cm wide to 25 can be purchased. They must be washed properly so that they remain in good condition.


This is another of the utensils that we can consider basic. It is complemented with the roller because it reaches areas where it has difficulty reaching. There are brushes of many materials, although those of natural fibers are usually the most recommended. Especially those of this material is recommended for surfaces that require a more careful finish. Plastic and thick bristle brushes do not usually offer good results. The width of the brush is decisive for its use, and we can choose between a great variety between 20 and 100 millimeters.

Paint Mixer

Also known as a blender, it is used to combine the paint, especially when the objective is to homogenize the dye with the paint to obtain the desired shade. There are paint mixers with mixing rods of various designs that are used for paints and higher viscosity materials.

Measuring Tape

With the tape measure, the surface to be painted is measured, and a calculation is made of the paint that will be needed for it. It is advisable to acquire a little more paint than it is necessary to dispose of it in case you want to give an extra hand, perfect finishes, etc.

Masking Tape

The bodybuilder tape, or painter’s tape, is used to cover switches, window frames or door frames that you want to avoid painting. With its use, you can work faster since there will be no fear of staining.


With this utensil, it is possible to remove the paint that is in poor condition, prior step to apply the hands of new paint. The spatula has another function besides this one since it is also useful to apply putty on cracks and holes so that the imperfections end. The procedure should be to apply a little putty, let dry, fill, and pass the spatula to smooth. After use, you always have to clean the spatula, or else it will end up losing its properties. It is advisable to oil the blade from time to time.

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