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Nature… but better?

On April 23, 2010 By

(04-08-10) A Foray Through Peirce’s Woods Nature… but better? … At least,  that’s what Peirce’s Woods at Longwood Gardens is going for. Its a natural woodland garden, but at the same time, its a display garden! So it may be that our visitors find it to be a unmaintained and naturally occurring space, but in […]

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Sanguinaria canadensis Random fun facts: – Sanguinaria means bloody. This name comes from the fact that all parts exude orange-red sap when injured or broken. – This flower is a member of the poppy family. The Specs: Family: Papaveraceae Genus: Sanguinaria Species: canadensis Common Name: Bloodroot Region of Origin/Nativity: North America Characteristics: This clump forming […]

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Thalictrum thalictroides Random fun facts: – The plants name is rather amusing to me. Thalictrum is simply the Greek word for this plant. But the species name, thalictroides, means that it resembles Thalictrum; which is its Genus name. So… what can we learn about the plant from its name? It looks like itself… The Specs: […]

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Plant: Asarum canadense

On April 19, 2010 By

Asarum canadense Random fun facts: – Back in the day, Native Americans used wild ginger in contraceptive formulas. It’s more commonly know as a diuretic or a stimulant. – I find it ironic that its said this plant can cause mild skin irritation in some people, but at the same time, other sources say this […]

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