Last week I had the privilege of going with my classmates to learn about the Delaware Center for Horticulture. Read all about our adventures on our Longwood Graduate Program blog! Although the text on the DCH post belongs to one of my classmates, the photos were taken by me! I’d love to hear any feedback on those as well as here :)

This post is titled the way it is because of one simple fact, I was shocked at how many places in Wilmington the DCH has been beautifying or helping to ‘green’. Of course their outreach doesn’t end in Wilmington either, but due to our time allotment for the day, some of their initiatives weren’t able to be seen. I certainly saw enough to be impressed though.

So here are some photos in and around Wilmington (excluding the DCH gardens themselves) that the DCH has touched!

(p.s. Most of these photos were taken out the window of a moving car… haha)

(A community space that was being used for a BBQ and party!)

(Woody shrubs and trees to help beautiful a neighborhood)

(Rainwater collection with parking lot plantings)

(A close up of the rainwater collection)

(A community garden in the center of it all!)

(Welcome to Wilmington!)

(Planters  and tree plantings in Downtown Wilmington)

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