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I’m going to Africa!

I can’t believe it, I’m beside myself with giddiness! On March 8th (until March 21st) I’m headed to the south of the Africa with the school I received my undergraduate degree from, Andrews University. I’m very excited, not only for the time to reconnect with my professors and friends from college, but to experience horticulture in a completely different way than I ever have. Most importantly though, and what excites me the most, is the mission work we will have the opportunity to do.

The trip itself is mission based, so all of us attending are donating our time and money to spend two weeks doing various projects in Swaziland and Lesotho, which are two countries more or less located within the region of South Africa.

Our Basic Itinerary

Although the detailed itinerary hasn’t been finalized yet, here is a list of activities we are planning to participate in. I’m especially excited to be going on this trip because it involves two of my passions – horticulture/agriculture and missions. I’m so pleased that my professional ‘skills’ will be going toward spreading the gospel and telling others about Christ.

Good Will projects (primarily at churches and mission centers):
– Well (water) development at multiple locations
– Planting market gardens that will sustainably feed school children and local congregations in need, also provide a profit from surplus food grown
– Assisting in worship services and outreach
– Health Clinics
– Orphanage visits
– Outreach/Job clinics with industries to help provide jobs for locals
– Planting aid at a local banana plantation

Local Industry’s and Tourism Visits:
– Glass craft local industry
– Swazi Candles local industry
– Hlane Game Park
– George Hotel horticulture operations
– Summerfield Botanic Gardens

Ways you can get involved!

This is the really important part. I’m doing all I can to collect toiletries, children’s clothes, craft supplies (such as coloring books, yarn, paper, pencils), etc to take. But I’m just one graduate student. I would love to join forces with anyone who is willing and able to donate money for craft supplies for the kids, clothes, and general items they need such as soap, toothpaste, etc.

So far I have 12 knitted hats and am just about finished with the 13th!
I’m hoping to double that before I go in 3 weeks.

I’m also ferociously knitting hats to take, as it’ll be nearing their winter season when we go and they’ll need warm cloths. I thought it would be fun to take knitted items to show them what they could make, leave them with yarn and knitting needles/crochet hooks, and then hopefully continue to mail them ‘refill’ supplies, after I come home. I’m interested in teaching the ladies, so that they can make items to use or to sell. For the kids, teaching them to knit would be more of an activity to hopefully take their minds off of the harsh realities they live in; we’re told that many in the orphans have lost their whole families to aids or other diseases.

We’re allowed to check 2 bags, each up to 50 lbs. I intend to stuff one bag up to 50lbs full of goodness for these kids and hopefully have enough extra space in my own travel bag to take anything additional to the 50lbs.

Please help me do it!

Please note: I am ONLY asking for money to buy clothing, toiletries, and craft supplies for the children and families we spend time with in Africa. No money that is donated will go towards paying for trip expenses; it will all go directly to the PEOPLE. If you’d like to send cash or a check, please contact me at the e-mail address provided below.

If you’re also interested in sending any knitted or crocheted items (either ready made or supplies), please e-mail me at aubreecherie@gmail.com. (Or toiletries, clothes, etc etc etc!)

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  1. Phyllis Peck says:

    give me your mailing address- I will have some items for you. Phyllis

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