March 16 – Swaziland, South Africa, and Lesotho

(We had to go on dirt roads a few times because parts of main roads were closed off. This was actually just before the border crossing into South Africa.)

Today was a travel day. We got up rather early, had breakfast, and were all packed up in the bus and ready to go by 8:15 in the morning. And then we were in the bus for over 14 hours. It was an interesting day!

(We found a Rhinoceros beetle!)

In Swaziland, we saw lots and lots of sugar cane fields and small villages made of various types of huts. Some were almost all reed, some were all out of concrete cinders blocks, but the majority of them were a mixture of the two. When we crossed the border into South Africa we saw a lot of the same. Less poverty for the most part, but not by much. There were still huts and very rural areas of poverty. We also saw lots and lots more sugar cane fields. As we neared Lesotho though, it turned almost entirely to corn fields.

(So much sugar cane! We saw it for miles upon miles – in the South of Swaziland and then for a long time in South Africa)

(Dayle and I at lunch – trying to find a wireless network for his phone)

Lesotho, in my opinion, has to be one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. And for a girl who left half of her heart in New Zealand and the other in Scotland, that is saying a lot! Lesotho is a mountain region and all I can say it wow! The pictures hardly do it justice, on account of my silly cheap little point and shoot camera.

(The rolling plains of South Africa – we saw quiet a bit of wild life as well!)

(Loved these hills, we were starting to get closer to Lesotho at this point)

(This is how I spent the first 9 hours of the trip!)

(See, I wasn’t the only one!)

About 9 hours into the trip, my fingers started feeling numb. This is something I’m used to when I get migraines. Unfortunately I had been taking the normal doses of IBProfen just for general head pains (13 hours on a bus… you know what I mean!), so I wasn’t able to take any exhedrin migraine that I had with me. We finally arrived at the Maluti Adventist Hospital around 10:30 that night. Which, as many of you know, it well past this gals bedtime. But I was pretty out of it, on account of the migraine. The hospital had a bunk house that the majority of the group use d (some stayed in a guest host), but the facility didn’t have running water. That night though, I didn’t care. It was 1) find a bed, 2) put on some sheets, 3) take off shoes, 4) finally take some exhedrin, and 5) crash. I’m so thankful for some of my friends on the trip who took care of me while I had the migraine. Luckily, by the next morning I had slept it off. What a blessing!

(Coming into the mountainous region of Lesotho!)

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