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(03-25-10) (Prolific Crocus tommasinianus blankets the Oak Knoll) I don’t know about you, but when spring rolls around and I see a field of organisms that seem to appear out of no-where, I’m reminded that the world is a lot bigger than me; that I’m easily comparable to that spring crocus that blooms just for […]

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Its the season for Orchids at Longwood Gardens. And although it IS called the Orchid Extravaganza, I find that my main focus isn’t on the orchids that are currently in the conservatory, but the fragrant plantings. The gardens are getting geared up for this years display theme, A Year of Fragrance. I think this is […]

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So lately I’ve been posting the gardens that the Longwood students have been visiting. But this post is just some photos from around Longwood. I mean, I DO live here… and it IS pretty amazing. I just get caught up in work and the like and forget that I’m in such an amazing garden! So […]

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