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Wave Hill – 8/06/09

On August 8, 2009 By

When I was living in NYC the last couple years I never actually got the the Wave Hill garden. And quiet frankly, unless I had a car there wasn’t much chance of me getting up there. The subway and then the walk to NYBG is long and boring at best, but the trip to Wave […]

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Some of the interns from this summer had never been to New York City; and we can’t have that! haha. So I planned a day trip to see the city as well as a stop at the New York Botanical Garden. It was a looonng day, but I had fun. I think they did too. […]

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Ontario Orchards Website So today was my last day working at Ontario Orchards, the retail nursery in southwest Oswego, NY. I started April 17, which was a couple days after my trip to California to see friends (and the redwoods! haha). I’ve worked here a couple other times before. Once 5 years ago for the […]

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So in someways this isn’t related to horticultural at all. But as my life is wrapped around horticulture, I’m going to assume a life update can be construed as such… As some of you may already know, I’ve been employed as a Landscape Designer/Project Manager in a firm called Plant Specialists, LLC. In November of […]

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