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Photos today are of Naranjilla, or Solanum quitoense. I think I like the evilness factor the best. Just look at those leaves! This plant is a new favorite. It’s just too cool not to be. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to taste it yet, but it IS edible! If I were a plant, I’d […]

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Angelica gigas

On September 9, 2010 By

Angelica gigas (these photos are taken both from Brookside Gardens and Chanticleer Garden) Can you spot the ants?! This post is linked to “Say Cheese” Week 15.

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Sanguinaria canadensis Random fun facts: – Sanguinaria means bloody. This name comes from the fact that all parts exude orange-red sap when injured or broken. – This flower is a member of the poppy family. The Specs: Family: Papaveraceae Genus: Sanguinaria Species: canadensis Common Name: Bloodroot Region of Origin/Nativity: North America Characteristics: This clump forming […]

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Thalictrum thalictroides Random fun facts: – The plants name is rather amusing to me. Thalictrum is simply the Greek word for this plant. But the species name, thalictroides, means that it resembles Thalictrum; which is its Genus name. So… what can we learn about the plant from its name? It looks like itself… The Specs: […]

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