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Cunninghamia lanceolata ‘Glauca’ Random fun facts: – It is one of the most important fast-growing timber tree’s of China. – The wood is strongly resistant to rot and is (said) to be easy to work with. It’s is used in building bridges, buildings, and ships. The Specs: Family: Cupressaceae Genus: Cunninghamia Species: lanceolata Cultivar: ‘Glauca’ […]

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Random fun facts: – Not all butterfly gardens have to just be butterfly bush and perennials; have a tree! In the fall Heptacodium attracts butterflies with the flowers sweet nectar. – Some nursery catalogs have labeled this tree as the “crepe myrtle for the northern US”. Although I suppose I can see the resemblance, I […]

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Plant: Poncirus trifoliata

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Random fun facts: – The fruit may be bitter but the peel can be candied and then used. Even though the fruit is bitter, it is used in marmalade. – This plant is used a lot as a root stock for other citrus trees such as lemons or other more common oranges. The Specs: Family: […]

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Random fun facts: – Bald cypress usually are found in swampy areas – The Latin word Taxodium comes from taxus meaning yew and the Greek word eidos meaning resemblance. It means it has yew-like leaves. The Specs: Family: Taxodiaceae Genus: Taxodium distichum Species: distichum Common Name: Bald Cypress Region of Origin/Nativity: Southern United States Characteristics: […]

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