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This green roof is one of many that adorn resident halls at the Swarthmore college. As you can see from the photo’s, the plant palette is primarily made up of Sedum varieties and some Calamagrostis (feather reed grass). If you look closely in the 4th photo, you’ll see a small glimpse of another resident hall […]

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As a group, the interns had a chance to visit the Emery Knoll Farms nursery last week. On the way down there I found out that it was a green roof plant nursery and that it was owned by Ed Snodgrass. Ed Snodgrass!!! He and his wife Lucie are the ones that wrote the book […]

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Even though on Thursdays all the students and interns are able to participate in a field trip of some kind, there are also what I’ve decided to call ‘Mini Field Trips’  on Wednesdays. We leave later and don’t spend quiet as much time at the locations. I’m sure I’ll learn more about them, but I’ve […]

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