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As already mentioned in my post about the National Arboretum Plant Records, I was given the opportunity to visit the National Arboretum on February 23, 2010. But this post is all about the Herbarium. (Dr. Wittmore shows us some herbarium specimens) We were given a tour by Dr.  Alan T. Wittmore, the research plant taxonomist […]

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On Thursday, November 19, the Curatorial/Plant Records office from Longwood Gardens had the opportunity to visit the Morris Arboretum. Although the Arboretum’s display area’s and gardens are quite beautiful, we went with a completely different goal in mind. We were all Botany and Herbarium focused! (I would be lying if I said we didn’t spend […]

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On October 22, The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia played host for a symposium entitled Darwin and Botany in a Changing World: 150 Years after The Origin of Species. I had originally tried to see if the education department would let the students attend this event as a field trip, but since the summer […]

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