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Nature… but better?

On April 23, 2010 By

(04-08-10) A Foray Through Peirce’s Woods Nature… but better? … At least,  that’s what Peirce’s Woods at Longwood Gardens is going for. Its a natural woodland garden, but at the same time, its a display garden! So it may be that our visitors find it to be a unmaintained and naturally occurring space, but in […]

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(03-25-10) (Prolific Crocus tommasinianus blankets the Oak Knoll) I don’t know about you, but when spring rolls around and I see a field of organisms that seem to appear out of no-where, I’m reminded that the world is a lot bigger than me; that I’m easily comparable to that spring crocus that blooms just for […]

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(03-10-10) (Tim Jennings showing the students about the many aquatic plants that Longwood Gardens has on display each year) Today the students were given an opportunity to learn about all things aquatic in the plant world. We also were able to see how Longwood Gardens handles their aquatic plants throughout the year and growing season. […]

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