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(05-21-10) Friday was the opening ceremony for Lilytopia, a new exhibit event that is being hosted by Longwood gardens. Here is the official page about the exhibit. Many staff, students, and volunteers have been working on Lilytopia over the past week in the East Conservatory. The design and the organization for the event have been […]

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Nature… but better?

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(04-08-10) A Foray Through Peirce’s Woods Nature… but better? … At least,  that’s what Peirce’s Woods at Longwood Gardens is going for. Its a natural woodland garden, but at the same time, its a display garden! So it may be that our visitors find it to be a unmaintained and naturally occurring space, but in […]

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Sanguinaria canadensis Random fun facts: – Sanguinaria means bloody. This name comes from the fact that all parts exude orange-red sap when injured or broken. – This flower is a member of the poppy family. The Specs: Family: Papaveraceae Genus: Sanguinaria Species: canadensis Common Name: Bloodroot Region of Origin/Nativity: North America Characteristics: This clump forming […]

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Thalictrum thalictroides Random fun facts: – The plants name is rather amusing to me. Thalictrum is simply the Greek word for this plant. But the species name, thalictroides, means that it resembles Thalictrum; which is its Genus name. So… what can we learn about the plant from its name? It looks like itself… The Specs: […]

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