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Sanguinaria canadensis Random fun facts: – Sanguinaria means bloody. This name comes from the fact that all parts exude orange-red sap when injured or broken. – This flower is a member of the poppy family. The Specs: Family: Papaveraceae Genus: Sanguinaria Species: canadensis Common Name: Bloodroot Region of Origin/Nativity: North America Characteristics: This clump forming […]

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Plant: Aster tataricus

On December 19, 2009 By

Aster tataricus Random fun facts: – Aster is Greek for star. – tataricus is the latin word that refers to the Tatar people from Mongolia and Manchuria who invaded western Asia and Europe in the middle ages – Tartarian Aster is often found in old, abandoned gardens. The Specs: Family: Compositae or Asteraceae Genus: Aster […]

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Plant: Agastache mexicana

On November 25, 2009 By

Agastache mexicana Random fun facts: – The younger leaves are slightly lemon scented and can be used in tea or as an herb used in salads or cooked dishes. – If you like observing hummingbirds, seriously consider growing this plant on your property. The Specs: Family: Labiatae Genus: Agastache Species: mexicana Common Name: Mexican Hyssop […]

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