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When I go to new or even previously visited gardens, my eye is drawn into the details. Either plants or elements of the site. But my eye is also drawn to ‘the unusual’; not things you would expect to see a really good photographer taking photos of (maybe this says a lot about my photography […]

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This green roof is one of many that adorn resident halls at the Swarthmore college. As you can see from the photo’s, the plant palette is primarily made up of Sedum varieties and some Calamagrostis (feather reed grass). If you look closely in the 4th photo, you’ll see a small glimpse of another resident hall […]

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I got the opportunity to go to this years Woody Plant Conference, which was held at Swathmore College. I hadn’t been to one before, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised all around! But I have the say, it think the best part about it was just being the same […]

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