Painting a facade of a house is not the same as painting an industrial surface. Not even giving a new shade to a wall that has been painted recently is the same as painting over another in which the gotelé must be removed previously.

Requirements That A Good Professional Painter Must Meet

As in any other profession, professionals with knowledge, experience, and professionalism coexist with others who do not meet all these qualities. The differences in the results offered by each other are very large, so we must learn to distinguish them. Some aspects to consider in this regard are:

You must visit the place to be painted: the good painters are those who want to do their job well, and for that, they leave nothing to chance. This means worrying about all the details of your work, from the first steps to the last. And within these first actions that a good professional must perform before submitting a budget, is to visit the area to be painted. In this way, an idea is made of how much time and work the project in question will entail, what exactly the customer is looking for, or what security measures to take. You can also ask about issues that are not clear and interested in the different opinions of the client. It will be the best symptom that we are facing a professional painter who plans before starting his work.

You must submit a detailed and written budget: a professional painter knows that the budget is the biggest commitment you can have with a client. So this document should be as specific as possible; The more professional the painter, the more he will detail each aspect, from what materials he will use to what steps he will follow. Different concepts must be differentiated with and without taxes, as well as all professional tax data.

You must be registered as a worker in Social Security: unfortunately, in the broad sector of household reforms work people who are not registered in Social Security to avoid paying the corresponding taxes and fees of self-employed. Trust only professionals who meet their tax obligations. Otherwise, in addition to contributing to fraud, you will be exposed to not being able to claim in the event that the work is not satisfactory since you will not have any guarantee.

You must have experience: as in many professions, improvement is achieved by repeating a series of tasks. A good professional painter is one who is not only qualified but knows well what to do in each situation, anticipates possible incidents, and proposes optimal solutions to any situation. When it comes to painting areas with difficulty, such as spaces with reliefs, bumps, or ceilings, a painter with years of experience will make a difference.

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